Teach yourself how to Learn Guitarz Fast?

 Teach yourself to Learn Guitar

When you see somebody on stage play very fast on the guitar do you always wish you could learn guitar and do that too? Let us look at what resources we need to increase our own guitar playing speed on a regular basis. Go to this website Now! www.learn guitar.com now The very first thing you are going to need is a metronome. You can buy one from your local music store, steal one from a maiden aunt or download one for free on the internet. If you choose to steal one, then I am afraid you will not make much progress in your quest to play guitar fast because shortcuts just do not work.

Most of us look for the quickest and most painless way to do things, and that is why most of us are not playing guitar at the speed of light. So that is the next thing you need. The way to play guitar fast you need to now that you're able to play slowly. The exercise you have chosen to play should not be too easy, but at the same time, it should not have too many tricky bits. That is why you are using an exercise or an isolated passage rather than a song or long solo.

Now you are starting to see the way ahead. If you have your practice passage ready, check it with your metronome. Make sure you know what your present speed is. The next thing is to take a metronome setting not too far from your present one and make that your goal. Let us now talk about something you do not need. Muscular tension. You need to practice playing guitar fast without building a level of tension in the muscles that will work against your goal.

In order to escape the possibility of too much tension, you need to forget about time frames. You have your goal in the metronome setting. Leave the time open ended. The idea is not to actually PLAY guitar faster at some time in the future but to WORK A LITTLE BIT ON PLAYING FAST every day.

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