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  When people see a good guitarist they might say something like oh my god or wow. People are so amazed by this because you need skill to play the guitar. Hey if everyone could play the guitar nobody would be amazed. If you would like to impress people with guitar then keep reading this article.

Learn Guitar Should be Fun!!


1. Obviously you'll need a guitar, but if your a starter then don't go out and buy a real expensive guitar because you don't know if you'll really like it. Just try something like a cheap Fender stratocaster.

2. Go to a local music store and pay for guitar lessons. Ask your guitar teacher to teach you about tabs. Find a fairly simple song that you like and find for a tab of it. This will make guitar more enjoyable for you.

3. Practice! Practice! Practice! If you don't practice you won't improve. Learn Guitar How do you think a person like Jimi Hendrix became so good at guitar. He didn't just pick up a guitar and start playing amazingly. He had to keep practicing.

4. Look around your school or community for other instrument players like you. If you can find people to make a band you can enter talent shows, thats where you can impress other people. 

5. Don't give up! You may not be so good at first but if you stick with it then you'll improve.


  • If you want to buy a new guitar don't just go to the store and buy an expensive guitar that looks cool. Looks usually fool people. Also, find out where it's made, what kind of pickups it has, etc. The best guitars come from the USA. Try playing the guitar, see if it makes the sound you like.
  • Don't try to make guitar your primary job. You may think that people make millions of dollars playing guitar, but it's very hard to make that much money unless your one of the most popular bands in the world.
  • Don't get too into your popularity so that you don't even practice anymore. Even though a band like ACDC is so popular that doesn't mean that they don't practice anymore.

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